Aftermath in New Zealand FANG Executives could be jailed

Aftermath in New Zealand FANG Executives could be jailed | August 29, 2019

Active Shooter incidents such as those of Christchurch will continue to happen. Hate speech and white trash movements will continue their garbage. No question, violent content from online platforms is a legitimate concern.

Facebook and YouTube, were too slow in response to the attacks. We are still in the social media revolution. It takes time to straighten out new inventions.

The Morrison Aussie government is threatening to imprison executives of social media! This violates FREE SPEECH, Online Freedoms, and a plethora of other amendments & legislation, I simply don’t know all of them but know they exist.


Not only threatening the FREE world, but it would also heat up tensions between governments and countries whom, are our allies and foes. Could you imagine, if Zuckerberg or even Bill Gates, can be as risk of arrest! Donald Trump could potentially blacklist Australia, mouth off, and tweet about Australians, essentially ruining our good relationship forever.

Today, Australians have access to an unparalleled amount of diverse music, literature, knowledge, films, and opinions in a way they never have before. The key trick to this has been that it’s us, you, regular users, who have taken control of the internet and who create the wealth of knowledge that lives within it.

Australia needs to slow this craziness down and sleep on this decision. It seems they have not thought it through at all.

They should forget about this and just look at the FANG plus bunch and start brainstorming for real. The other day Zuckerberg essential called for some basic government regulation.

We’ll get there, I hope there is not more to this, such as far-right Political agenda in Australia.