An affiliate program that actully works!

The only reason I would ever promote an affiliate network is for this simple reason. They just launched a WordPress plugin that imports all Clickbank products into WooComeerce & ready to sell!

Whats whats very cool is it’s set it up using WooCommerce, another WordPress plugin, and leave it. It automatically updates everything for you.

Also, you can promote your own products too.

Last, the Storefront it auto-builds adjusts to your them colors, CSS.

Here are some reasons why ClickBank is a good choice as an affiliate network.

  • Free to Join:ClickBank is free for affiliates to join and unlike some other affiliate networks; vendors do not have to approve you before you can promote their products.
  • Huge Commissions:With Clickbank you can get commissions ranging from 30 to 75% of the sale value of the product.
  • Reliable on-time payments:ClickBank seems to be one place most internet gurus have made their fortunes and have built a reputation for themselves as prompt paymasters. Clickbank has the option of Cheque payments and Direct Deposits and pays weekly.
  • Fraud control:ClickBank has a good fraud detection and control technology which minimizes fraudulent charges that result in charge-backs and refunds. ClickBank also provides Real time sales stats with ROI and campaign management tools.

Apart from this you can also create and sell your own digital product like ebooks, software or a subscription-based website with ClickBank as a Publisher.


Using our WordPress plugin feature, you can integrate an online storefront to your existing WordPress site/blog in few seconds. Yes, we do provide Clickbank Storefronts as a WordPress plugin. You can host a world class Clickbank Storefront on to your websites/blog with just few clicks. You just install and forget about maintainance; we will take care of everything related with Clickbank product updates in your blog.