Bang up job by CTIIC to secure 2020 elections|Trump Jr subpoena has daddy sweating

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The CTIIC is tasked to try and secure the 2020 elections. The state:
Cyber Threats to Elections: A Lexicon. The link for information which should be posted & public, does NOT exist! Hmm.

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All I could find what this administration is doing, was created a PDF file, explaining definitions of Cyber Security Terminology. It looks like a 5th grader made the document and graphics.




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Cyber Threats to Elections: A Lexicon

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TRUMP defending Russia, calling the United State of America


Why is Donald Trump so afraid of Donald Junior’s Subpoena?

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CTIIC is the federal lead for intelligence support in response to significant cyber incidents, working—on behalf of the IC—to integrate analysis of threat trends and events, build situational awareness, and support inter-agency efforts to develop options for degrading or mitigating adversary threat capabilities.

We build an understanding of foreign cyber threats to U.S. national interests to inform decision makers

Drawing on lessons learned from the 2016 elections, the IC created a Lexicon to better synchronize communications through the normalization of cyber terms.