Biggest Social Media Crisis of 2018

In my opinion, this is the biggest and most misunderstood disaster ever caused by a social media giant.

UN experts investigating genocide in Myanmar point the finger at Facebook for its role in spreading hate speech in the country. Further investigations and reports in the months ahead would reveal the true extent of the social network’s role in inflaming ethnic tensions and spreading incitements to violence in the country.

The real issue here was Facebook’s race to get their platform in new markets sometimes without 50% of facebook tools. The reason for this is the poor language translation when developing the platform for another country. They don’t hire enough skilled developeres who was born and raised in their respective contries.

Facebook miserably failed Myanmar. They did not wittingly assist the ethnic cleansing and genocide, but in all honesty, Facebook is the reason it happened.

Since Myanmar has such poor infrastructure, their IT infrastructure is among the worst on the planet. Also, the government of Myanmar own ands operates only available internet connection for the entire country.

People in Myanmar and other 3rd world countries or territories all suffer from the same situation. Their dictatorship government’s censor the internet so horribly, that their only access to messages and news is facebook.

”Propaganda & Genocide for Dummies”

As an added bonus, they were given, the overnight tools for immediate success. In the simplest terms, the military spread Facebook propaganda as their only regular news. If you only have 1 source of news, that’s a crisis. If you believe Facebook is the Internet, as Myanmar did, that’s a model to kill off a race…