Google being unfair to “U.S.” Gives EU more choices, leaving “U.S.” out, again

Google being unfair to "U.S." Gives EU more choices, leaving "U.S." out, again | October 27, 2019

Google gives Android users browser choice

Google is playing copycat with Microsoft by finally offering the gift of choice to Android users when it comes to browsers and search engines. Before, Android users had Google as their only option, but in light of fines from the European Commission, Google is looking to prevent any more fines for being anti-competitive.

Google’s initial response to the EU, was to start charging manufacturers licensing fees for the Play Store and other apps while offering the option to include Chrome and the Google search app in the overall package for free. Now, SVP of global affairs Kent Walker says in a blog post, Google will go one step further by offering users of “existing and new Android devices in Europe” a direct choice of services.

“Google has not provided any detail about how this process will work for existing Android users compared to those setting up a device for the first time, nor has it given much of an indication of when this change will be introduced — nothing more specific than ‘over the next few months’. The company may have some of the deepest pockets in the industry, but it will still be hoping that with its latest announcement it managed to avoid further fines from the European Commission.”

This latest decision will not happen worldwide to begin with—instead, Google’s main focus will be in Europe for the time being. For all other Android users around the world, hopefully, your time will come soon.

Lately, Google has been treating the U.S. worse than Russia, China, & the EU.

Google denied requests by the Pentagon & DOD to use some it’s resources while playing ball with the Chinese Communist Government.

I hope the Google internal employees recognize this and light a match under the Executive’s ass*s!