Major Airlines report Software outages

Sabre, the dominant Airline Software System

U.S. airlines were briefly hit by systemwide computer outages on Monday related to problems with the Aerodata planning weight and balance program, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

The outage affected several airlines, including Southwest, Delta, American, United and Alaska Air Group.

Sabre, the dominant flight system software has had a big year in 2018. They have forged major contracts with many airlines and new countries, not so friendly, as of recent.

At the end of 2018, they completed and end to end software solutions with China.

Also, today the FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center lists, John F. Kennedy Airport Runway closures, starting today April 1, 2019.

Author Opinion:

Not sure if either Sabre or the JFK runway closures have anything to do with today’s outages, but wouldn’t be surprised.

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Major Airlines report Software outages | August 29, 2019

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