NEW ANTI-VIRUS for Windows. May be the best innovation in years, when it comes to AV applications!

NEW ANTI-VIRUS for Windows. May be the best innovation in years, when it comes to AV applications! | September 21, 2019

We believe here at Brauntek Computing Proactive, that Proactive Problem Prevention does not stop with device maintenance.

Proactive Threat Protection is critical for your PC, workstations, network, infrastructure, productivity, business, and data.

If you are serious about security, increasing your productivity and bottom line, what are you waiting for?

Our AntiMalware Proactive Solution is above reproach. Not only it being Proactive, but also uses 2 threat scan engines. One being Emsisoft and second, Bitdefender. Bitdefender was named the #1 Anti Threat Protection by Tom’s Guide, a well-respected tester and influencer. tom’s guide has it 4.5 stars out 5!

Does it make sense yet? After servicing over 100,000 devices, we believe in Emsisoft as our premiere and favorite protection for both residential and business clients.

Adding Bitdefender as a second scanning engine bundled with Emsisoft, makes this an obvious winner and should be your 1st choice.

Emisisoft is superior to most AntiVirus companies and is climbing up the ladder rapidly. I have no doubt in my mind, Emsisoft will be the #1 Threat Protection by 2020.

Having both scanners working concurrently, there is no device performance lost. This is an unprecedented & amazing change in AV!

This is the Threat Protection all home and business users should be using.

All PC users should be using be using our Proactive Malware Threat Protection. It’s a no brainer, considering we’ll let you try it completely FREE for a full month.

When the trial ends, only if you request, does billing start. The trial does not require a payment method. As normal, Brauntek Computing Proactive bills you month to month without contractual obligation!.

To get the Free month trial, simply fill out your information on our ’Contact Us’ page. Then wait for an Email for your Free no obligation Trial! No payment method necessary!

The email will confirm your trial and a link to download the Emsisoft Proactive Threat Protection.

You will receive your download link within 2 hours, if critical and need sooner, make a notation in form.

We’ll send you the link in a few minutes!

24-7 Managed AV

Note from author: I have personally been using Emisisoft Proactive Anti-Malware on my Windows devices at home and in the office. After 25 years in this industry servicing over 100,000 devices, this is my #1 choice for anyone.


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